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Village of Marissa


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Dustin Bingel

Dustin Bingel


Dustin Bingel was elected as Village Trustee April 2021, he is married to Breanna and they have a daughter. 

For some of you, you may not know me very well or just know the name or have heard of me. So for you here is a little back story of me. My name is Dustin Bingel and I am a life long resident of the Village of Marissa. I am 28 Years old and a graduate of Marissa High school. Many may know me from my Mother who was on our school board for many years or my father who was on the village board for several years as well or you may know me from just being friends with them as they are both Marissa High School graduates as well. My entire life has been in this town and just in the last 20 years I have seen several changes in this town. Many good things have come to Marissa over the years and my wish is to only help continue that and do my part to make Marissa a better place to be every day. I work full time for MedStar Ambulance covering my home town from Sparta IL, and my wife works full time for ARCH Air Medical Service in Sparta as well. We purchased our first house in this town a few years back with the plans to be here and have kids here as we have our first kid on the way and we want to raise them in this town and stay for years to come. I have always enjoyed the the small town life where you literally know just about everyone behind every door and hope some day my kids and family can say the same. At the age of 18 I joined the Marissa Fire Department as well as joined the volunteer EMS agency the Village operates (First Responders) and have been a member on both since early 2011. In 2012 I worked for the Village part time as a public works employee and was able to see first hand how the public works, sanitation and sewer departments worked in this village. I worked until my time as a part time employee was up and then after 1 year with the village I took a full time job as an Emergency Dispatcher with MedStar Ambulance where I then progressed to working full time on an Ambulance for our area and have been there ever since. I have always been active with every thing I am part of and enjoy each and every minute of it. Some people may say I have too much on my plate but I disagree 100% as my plate may be bigger than others and if I truly felt I would not be able to fulfill the duties of a Village Trustee I would not have filed my petition to run for this position. I feel that with my experience and my personal ability to communicate well with others and resolve issues as well as my commitment to things that I partake in, that I will be a great asset to this Village board. I am always open to questions and suggestions from all angles 



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